10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

When you finally get to your first consultation you most likely will be a ball of nerves.  

You’ll have a million questions, but chances are unless you write them down you will forget everything you wanted to ask.  

Here is a list of the essential 10 questions to ask you doctor when evaluating a clinic:

1. How long has your clinic been using the vitrification (fast freezing) method?
2. How many frozen egg freezing cycles has your clinic performed?
3. What is the average age of egg freezers at your clinic?
4. To date, how many women have come back to use their frozen eggs?
5. What is your clinic’s egg thaw survival rate?
6. What is your clinic’s fertilization rate of frozen eggs?
7. What is your clinic’s live birth rate using frozen eggs?
8. What is the live-birth rate per frozen embryo transferred?
9. At my age, how many eggs do I need to bank to have a child?
10. Based on my blood work and ultrasound, how many eggs do you think I will produce? Should I consider more than one cycle?

Note: We excluded any financial questions from this list. Do not waste the precious time you have with your doctor going over storage fees, medication prices, etc. Sit down with the clinic’s finance office or your nurse advocate to go over any cost-related questions.