ASRM Removes Egg Freezing Experimental Label

posted by Brigitte Adams October 21, 2012

DID YOU HEAR?  Friday was indeed a historic day for fertility preservation.  Finally, after eight long years, the ASRM has declared egg freezing no longer experimental due to the rates of pregnancies and healthy births being comparable to using fresh eggs.  Those of you who seek statistics and data prior to undergoing egg freezing should sigh a collective relief.  We finally have the proof that egg freezing, although not a guarantee, offers the possibility of a future pregnancy.  However, there is a caveat and this is where it gets interesting.  The ASRM only recommends egg freezing for women undergoing cancer treatments and for couples who object to freezing embryos.  WHAT?!?

They conveniently left out the largest and most active group, women who are freezing eggs to have the option of having children in the future.  What about us? On one hand the ASRM is saying yes we agree that egg freezing is a promising procedure and we now have the statistics that confirm this, while at the same time they are saying its not right for single women who want to take their fertility into their own hands.  Of course, we all know that the ASRM is proceeding with caution and they do not want people to assume egg freezing is a fertility panacea.  However, we knew that when they had the experimental label and we know that now.  The reason most women freeze their eggs for social reasons is for the possibility of a future child.  We, for whatever reason, are not ready to have children now, but we want to take advantage of freezing our eggs before they decline too far.  We would rather take our chances with a 30-50% (based on the age of frozen eggs) than have no option at all.  We would rather be proactive and do something about our fertility futures than bemoan the fact later that we just let our prime fertility years pass us by.  So, experimental or not, we look forward to hearing more about how egg freezing’s new label will affect the future of social egg freezing.

More will be revealed about the ASRM’s experimental label next week at the annual event…. we will keep you posted.

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