The Shift From the Emotional to Analytical

posted by Brigitte Adams August 6, 2012

I was just emailing a woman this morning who is about to start her egg freezing protocol in early September. I ended the email with this line: “the shots, etc.. are not that tough — the hard part is dealing with the emotional stuff.”

It has been almost exactly one year since I froze my eggs. Whew… what a wild ride it has been! And when I look back, it is not the shots, the bloating or the ultrasounds that I remember, but rather the feelings of anxiety, frustration and anger. I wouldn’t say that I don’t feel those emotions any more, however they have significantly dissipated. I look back at my egg freezing journey as one of the more important decisions that I (not my parents or friends) made.

Then I came across this excellent article on egg freezing written by Denise Restauri: “How Millennial Women and Their Eggs Can Have it All.” Ms. Restauri interviews Dr. Gayatri Devi the Director of NY Memory Services, a Clinical Associate Professor at NY University School of Medicine, and President of the National Council on Women’s Health. I feel like Dr. Devi was reading my mind when she says “Women need to Strip the emotion from the equation, which is very hard to do. It needs to shift from emotional to analytical. Freezing eggs is analytical like saving for your retirement. In your 20s you put money in the bank to save for your retirement or whenever you need the money. Now you can put your eggs in the bank in your 20s and choose to work and have kids the biological way when you want to have them, not because the biological clock is ticking.”

I really recommend you read the full article if you have or are considering freezing your eggs.

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