posted by Eggsurance May 20, 2015
Egg Freezing stories

Erin’s Stats, Froze @ age 34, # eggs frozen: 12

Latest update from Erin:

I now have a 7 month old beautiful baby girl. I did my second round of a frozen transfer last week and I get the results back on Friday to see if I’m pregnant.

You were 34 when you froze your eggs, why did you decide to move forward with the procedure?

Genes, luck and knowing.

Genes. My mom went through menopause at age 37 and so did her mom. Aside from my dark hair, I’m the spitting image of my mother. I started my period at the very unfair age of ten, the exact age my mom started. I have been told by doctors that it’s quite likely the end of my cycles will follow a similar timeline as my mom. And, numbers don’t lie. My day­ 3 FSH levels were a bit high for my age. Just my luck.

Luck. I’m not lucky in love. My husband asked for a divorce when I was 31 years old. That’s when I first began to investigate egg freezing. Because my hormone levels were normal I decided to wait. Six weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me. I was devastated. That’s when I decided I would freeze my eggs.

Knowing. The only thing in my life I’ve ever known with absolute certainty is that I want to be a mom. I want babies. Knowing this made my decision easy.

What was the most difficult part of the process for you?

I don’t know. The process was actually pretty easy for me. I did not gain weight or go crazy from the medicine. It was pretty uneventful. I think the most difficult part was just coming to terms with the fact that I’m 34, very single and very far from motherhood. It was admitting to myself that my life had not exactly progressed the way I imagined. Freezing my eggs seemed so unorthodox.

For me, I knew that if I did not move forward I’d always wonder, “what if?”


What would you tell women considering the procedure?

Ask yourself this – “If I don’t, will I regret it?”

My mom said, that regrets weigh heavier the older you get. For me, I knew that if I did not move forward I’d always wonder, “what if?” There is a chance this so called insurance policy will never work. And, I’m hoping I’ll never need them. There are no guarantees in life. But, I have no regrets.

Has anything changed now that you have frozen your eggs?

Two years ago when my nephew was born I cried big jealous tears. One week ago, I became an aunt again for the sixth time. When I met my newest nephew I smiled (effortlessly) knowing that I too will likely have my own little one.

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