Freeze Your Eggs, Free Your Career

posted by Brigitte Adams April 18, 2014

Well, as you can see, I have taken a hiatus from Eggsurance.  I started a new job and have been immersed in learning a new industry, team and city.  Apologies for the lapse in blogging, case studies, interviews and overall site maintenance.  I promise to get better.

bloomI was interviewed by Businessweek for an article on egg freezing a few weeks ago.  My 15 minutes are gone!  A team of four came to my house – they even brought a ‘groomer.’  Never in a million years did I think that I would be on the cover of a national magazine!  Again, like other articles on egg freezing, I am not altogether pleased with the headline.  But, as I have learned since launching Eggsurance, controversy sells.  I’m just really bummed that Eggsurance was not mentioned.  I am not sure how other sites, well egg freezing businesses, got their .com inserted.


Another thing I was a bit shocked by was the woman, who ”like many of the women interviewed for this article, declined to reveal her full name in a national magazine for fear of staying single forever.”  I may be incredible naive, but I can’t make the connection.  So, a guy just happens to see your name in an article on egg freezing and says no she must be “too desperate to get pregnant,” or “too career-focused.”  Then again he just might say “my sperm is not getting any younger either” or “my sister just froze her eggs” or better yet “my mom saw you in a magazine and pushed me to ask you out.”

I guess my point is don’t apologize or feel ashamed for freezing your eggs.  It’s a smart, proactive and empowering step to take.  I didn’t freeze my eggs to “free my career,” I froze my eggs because my life did not take the perfectly linear path that I always thought.

PS: I’ve vowed not to read any more comments from the article…it was just published a few hours ago and already there are a lot of armchair critics pounding on keyboards.

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