Interview with Jean Chatzky: A Conversation about Career, Money and Life

posted by Brigitte Adams May 9, 2018

I was recently interviewed by Jean Chatzky for Her Money podcast about egg freezing costs, career, money and life. Very pleased with how it turned out.  Thank you, Jean!

Episode 108: “Freeze your eggs. Free your career.” That was the headline on an April 2014 cover of Bloomberg Businessweek featuring this week’s guest, Brigitte Adams.

While egg-freezing had long been a proposed (and provocative) way to have it all, this put the practice under an international spotlight. But as Adams, who went on to found Eggsurance, an egg-freezing education site, tells us, things don’t always go according to plan. She gets granular on the process and educates us on the emotional, physical and financial costs.

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