posted by Eggsurance May 17, 2016
Egg Freezing Documentary Chill

Jenni Frappier and I met several years ago shortly after both of us froze our eggs.  Since then she has gone on to do amazing things including creating a documentary, Chill, of her egg freezing process. Chill has played at numerous film festivals and has received some amazing accolades.

Here is an excerpt from Jenni’s blog.

During my egg freezing research, I looked for anything and everything to read or watch that would give me a better idea of what to expect during the process. Most of the information out there speaks to the science, which is fascinating. But there’s another huge, important piece that’s being left out–The physical and emotional responses a woman experiences throughout the egg freezing process. I wanted to share my adventure in a way where others could participate – see what I saw; feel what I felt. That’s how Chill was born.

Chill is a touching documentary about a single woman fighting to preserve her fertility and dreams of motherhood through egg freezing in her mid-thirties. Weeks before she decided to freeze her eggs, Jennifer began documenting her thoughts on fertility and parenthood. Throughout the film, she shares her story with vulnerability, courage and humor. Chill is more than a film; it’s a mindset. It’s about determination, living with intention and being true to yourself. This story is as original as it is relatable and when it comes to fertility, educational as it is eye opening. Ultimately, Chill is an inspirational film about hope, love and family.

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