posted by Eggsurance May 12, 2016

Kayla’s Stats:  Froze @age 37, # of Cycles: 3, # of eggs frozen: 13

Kayla and I both embarked on our egg freezing journey in 2012.  Kayla’s story is unique as she I lost an ovary from a dermoid cyst when she was 33.  At age 37, she started her egg freezing process and underwent 3 cycles. Her goal was to get 21 frozen eggs, but with one ovary, after 3 cycles she was able to retrieve 13.

Kayla chronicled her egg freezing journey in her wonderful blog.

After five years on ice, Kayla has decided to use her frozen eggs.  Her new blog Attempting Single Motherhood has been a source of inspiration for me.

An excerpt from Kayla’s first entry in her blog.

This is my story.

I’m 38 years old.  I live in London, although I’m also American.  This is important to the story because some time earlier this year, my mother sent me an email after having read this article in the New York Times about parents who were offering to pay for their daughter’s to have their eggs frozen.  She was nervous about broaching the subject, as I should also point out that I’m 38 and single.  I’ve never had any serious or long-term relationship.  My parents have over time “bothered” me about my single status and I usually tell them off for it if they start to get too pushy.  So I can understand why my mother was tentative about raising it.

However, I wasn’t upset by her bringing this up.  At 38, although a number of my friends stayed single and got married very late, many of my friends are having their first children now.  In fairness, some had them a few years ago, although I don’t know many who had children before 30.  So my Facebook and conversations have been invaded by pregnancies and babies.  IVF and infertility.  I always thought I would find someone and have a family.  I’ve started to feel like I was going to miss my chance.

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