Is Kim Kardashian the new face of egg freezing?

posted by Brigitte Adams September 17, 2012

At 31, is Kim Kardashian the new face of egg freezing? We all know how age and female fertility are tightly correlated. Peak fertility years are in the twenties and by age 30, about 1/8 of the approximately 2 million eggs a woman is born with remain. This reduction in egg quantity, as well as quality, increases exponentially after 35 making it harder and harder to conceive with each passing year.  So, at 31, Kim is at an egg freezing sweet spot.  She is freezing her eggs at a time when they are at their peak.
According to a 2011 study by the ASRM, the average age a woman freezes her eggs for social reasons was 37.4.  Egg freezing’s average age has declined by almost 2 years over the last six years.  Are women becoming more educated about the option of egg freezing?  Or, are we becoming more educated about our fertility?  I would say both.  Egg freezing is definitely moving from an early adopter to a more mainstream procedure.  Coupled with that, women are being more proactive about their own fertility.  We have seen too many friends, family and even celebrities struggle with the devastation of infertility.  By freezing our eggs we are being proactive – taking action for the possibility of building a family one day.  As Kim says, “I am glad that I am freezing my eggs. I think now I can just be proactive….I want to make sure that when the time is right – I should be safe.”  Thanks Kim for putting a face on the egg freezing journey.  Thanks for telling us not to wait too long.  And, tell your mom to go easy on the shots.


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