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posted by Brigitte Adams March 29, 2012

I just finished my second interview for the “Women Like You” section of Eggsurance.  Just like my previous interviewee, Mei Mei, Amy is now a strong advocate for egg freezing education.  What is it that makes most women so vocal after freezing their eggs?

I think it really comes down to the fact that we are really left in the dark.  Smart woman, like my friends and Amy’s friends have no clue about their own fertility – from the exponential decline in ovarian reserves after 35 to their monthly chances of conception.  I am so proud and happy that women like Amy and Mei Mei are joining me on my ‘fertility soapbox’ and getting the word out about egg freezing and other ways to extend fertility.  I will leave you with an excerpt from Amy’s interview.  Her full interview will be posted very soon- stay tuned!

My friends are really smart and ‘in the know’ women, but egg freezing was just not on their radar.  There is a false sense of security about fertility that the media perpetuates.   Everyone has those stories of successful later in life pregnancies, which are great and inspirational, but can be deceiving.  Women need to be given the right information so we are working with the right data and given the right perspective about our fertility options.  I really feel it is my obligation and responsibility to share my experience with other women.

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