You Rock Sheryl!

posted by Brigitte Adams October 15, 2014

Dear Sheryl,

Of course, Facebook was one of the two first companies to offer financial assistance for egg freezing! You’ve been there. You know what it is like to finish college, venture into the workforce, go back to grad school, build a career, meet a mate, rise up the ranks, build a nest egg, get married, get pregnant and, if your ovarian reserve allows, have another child.

We are trying to do it all, but it is hard. You know, you’ve been there. We are not trying to (as so many recent news articles claim) freeze our careers, enable our parents to become grandparents or even hold out for Mr. Right. We are just women who are doing the best we can and madly try to fit it all in before our ovarian reserve noise dives at 35. It’s overwhelming. And, what happens when the stars don’t align and our well-planned path gets diverted? You can’t dial the biological clock back. Time marches on.

So, we thank you Sheryl for having our back! We pledge to talk to each other about our finite fertility windows. We pledge to take our fertility futures into our own hands. And, if it makes sense for us, we will utilize all of the new technology available to us to help us meet all of our dreams.

All our best,

Team Eggsurance

PS: would we be having this discussion if sperm count noise dived at 35?

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